Mass intentions and the prayer of the faithful

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Q: I’ve got confreres who announce the Mass intentions differently. On Sundays, as a rule, we include it in the General Intercessions, but some of the guys still announce it at the start of Mass or (if it is a deceased) use the prayer for the dead in the Eucharistic prayers after the consecration. So, they are getting 2 mentions on Sundays. I have one confrere who does both and so the Mass intention got mentioned 3 times on Sunday!

To me that’s overkill. Should Mass intentions be announced to the assembly?  And if so, when and where in the liturgy?


A: Here’s an earlier blog post on intentions:

At the cathedral, we use the prayer of the faithful, and that’s all. There is a tradition behind plugging the name into the eucharistic prayer. In fact, one thought is that the two N’s in the Roman Canon were for the living person who gave the donation, and the dead person for whom the donation was given.

The prayer of the faithful (universal prayer) can easily cover this.