Masses for the Dead

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: Paul, let me begin by putting my question this way … Is there any provision in the Church’s Burial Rite for more than one Mass of Burial for anyone?

I say this as I observe bereaved individuals delaying funeral arrangements for weeks/months after death…coupled with multiple locations in the life of the deceased – not to mention how families are spread out all over the country.  Add to this the custom(?) of Memorial Masses (celebrated without the presence of the deceased remains)  Month’s Mind, various anniversaries, etc. etc.   To me, the Mass of Christian Burial indicates the presence of the deceased, if at all possible, and concludes with interment at the designated place – yes?   As such, it seems that such elements cannot be repeated, or done multiple times. .. reminding me somewhat of Triduum liturgies.    Comments?


A: No, I don’t know of any provision for that. Yet, I’ve heard of it. 

I share your views on what is best. Ideally there is one funeral Mass, and there may be additional Masses for the Dead.