Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Q: As you know, there is a separate Missal-type book for Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Included within are some sets of Oration texts designed for use in the seasons, i.e., Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter.  Interestingly, our local Ordo does not seem to make any provision for this option, even on ferial seasonal Saturdays.  What gives?


A: The General Introduction to the Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary sets up some guardrails. It’s primarily available for Marian shrines that receive pilgrimages, but then also in parishes for days such as Saturday Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ordinary Time (21).

The Ordo could make suggestions of these, I agree. But GIRM 376 limits the days we can use such Masses. If some real necessity or pastoral advantage suggests it, we can use them on unimpeded Advent weekdays before December 17 and on unimpeded Easter weekdays after the Octave.