Masses with children

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Q:  I’ve just had another Parish given to me and they have a procedure where after the prayer of the faithful, the children return and the liturgist says a few words then asks the children for responses.  It feels like an imposition in the structure of the Mass.  I’ve aired my misgivings, especially about seeking applause for them but I’m met with hostility when I suggest a less intrusive method such as quietly placing any drawings by the ambo and heading back to their seats so that the procession of the gifts can begin.  What do you suggest?  What do you consider as good practice?


A:  Thanks for responding so generously by adding to your responsibilities for the good of the Church.

I’m not sure I understand what the children and the catechist are doing, but take a look at the Directory for Masses with Children. Paragraph 22 allows the children to participate in the prayer of the faithful. And paragraph 36 allows them to illustrate the prayer of the faithful with artwork. There may be a way to integrate the community’s prayer, the children’s prayer, and the children’s art to bring harmonious purpose to the universal prayer.


I just saw your reply re: children. I think context is key here.

The allowances you reference are for “Masses with Children in Which Only a Few Adults Participate” – such as school Masses with pre-adolescents.

The same do not apply to usual Sunday Masses in a parish. 


Good point. Thank you.