Sprinkling at the entrance procession

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Q:  As far as sprinkling—I tried finding what you mentioned (about the sprinkling taking place before the procession) in the USCCB’s Introduction to the Order of  Mass—but didn’t find a paragraph 74. Regardless,  interesting that there is an option that the priest may do the sprinkling at the door of the church. So would that take place before the opening “chant”? Would the blessing of water take place as usual?

A:  Here’s the link to the USCCB’s Introduction to the Order of Mass. Paragraph 74 includes this: “If the greeting and blessing take place at the door, the priest may sprinkle the people during the entrance procession.”
In this case, I would advise a very brief entrance song – perhaps just a refrain. Then the priest begins mass at the door with the sign of the cross and greeting. He blesses water, and then he processes in while the music that accompanies the sprinkling is sung. The concluding prayer for the sprinkling and the Gloria are done at the chair.