More prayers after communion

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Q: Greetings!  Thank-you for being here to answer these questions.  Recently, the new pastor at my parish has begun to lead the assembly in prayers to saints at Sunday liturgy: last weekend we prayed a Hail Mary before he preached and a prayer to Sts. Anne and Joachim and then to St. Michael after the Prayer after Communion.  This weekend I worshiped at a different parish and we prayed a prayer to St. Joseph and then the Hail Mary after the intercessions and then the St. Michael prayer after the Prayer after Communion.  

I don’t see that there is an actual place at Sunday eucharist for these types of prayers and the liturgy itself already joins us to all those saints anyway!  What are your thoughts and is this a place where one could invoke Sacrosanctum Concilium 22.3?  [Please?? :)]


A: Here’s an earlier post: I would answer in a similar way regarding prayers to other saints.