New translation of the lectionary

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Q: My pastor is pushing for our parish to purchase new hymnals.  My parish has traditionally purchased hymnals with the readings in the back of the hymnal.

I recall reading your blog about the new translation of the lectionary that is forthcoming – possibly in 2025?  We would expect our new hymnals to last about 10-15 years.  With this in mind, would you recommend holding off on purchasing hymnals at this time?

Will the changes to the lectionary be minor (a couple words here and there) or major (whole paragraphs changed), so that those who choose to follow along in the back of the hymnal will be lost?

Any insight you can give will be helpful!

Thank you for your ministry!


A:  Here’s a previous post:

I think it will still be several years. I understand that the USCCB is working on a liturgical translation of the entire bible. When that is complete, then other projects can move forward. The Liturgy of the Hours will surely be first—probably Advent of 2025. It could be another couple of years after that before we see a lectionary. But I admit I’m guessing wildly. I’m not in the middle of those discussions.