Optional memorial readings

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Q: I come to you with a question on liturgy. One of our deacons mentioned, in preparation for a school mass, that Optional Memorial readings for a saint on the USCCB calendar may only be used in churches that bear that particular name. For instance this Thursday there is an Optional Memorial for Saint Angela Merici, Virgin, and so he believes this memorial, with its readings, can only be celebrated in St. Merici churches. Is he correct? 

I greatly appreciate your input in advance. Again, thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless.


A: Your deacon is wrong. The readings and prayers may be used anywhere that the optional memorial is observed. The option means you may opt in or opt out.

A church named for St. Angela Merici would celebrate her day as a solemnity, not a memorial. It would require 3 readings, the Gloria and the creed