Ordaining Bishops

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Q:  The Diocese of San Diego will be ordaining an auxiliary Bishop this week. We will have Bishop Robert W. McElroy and one auxiliary Bishop John P. Dolan. How should they be included in the Eucharistic Prayers? Thank you for your help.


A:  Congratulations on your new auxiliary bishop. May the Holy Spirit guide him in his work.

In the Order of Mass, each eucharistic prayer, at the place where the bishop is mentioned by name, contains a footnote that refers the priest to GIRM 149. There you find this: “It is permitted to mention Coadjutor Bishop and Auxiliary Bishops in the Eucharistic Prayer, but not other Bishops who happen to be present. When several are to be mentioned, this is done with the collective formula: N., our Bishop and his assistant Bishops In each of the Eucharistic Prayers, these formulas are to be adapted according to the requirements of grammar.”
In your case, then, a priest should say, “Robert our Bishop and John our auxiliary Bishop.” If you get another auxiliary, then the priest just refers to them as “his assistant Bishops.”