Order of Baptism

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Q: Reaching out since my wife and I are preparing for the Baptism of our first child in a couple of weeks, and everything seems to be set for the liturgy!  My only question comes after reading one of your posts on the Litany of the Saints from a few years ago.

I saw that the Order of Baptism for One Child suggests, “It is good to add the names of other Saints, especially the Patron Saint of the child or of the church…”  With that, my daughter is named for St. Helena and the church is named for St. Patrick, so I was wondering where it might be best to add in these names for the extended litany.

Based on your post, and after reading elsewhere, it seems like it’s common practice is to invoke the name of St. Patrick’s after that of St. Martin; would this be correct?  And with St. Helena (mother of Constantine), since she’s a laywoman, would her name come afterthose of Sts. Catherine and Teresa?  Or, since she precedes them in time, should her name be invoked before?

Of course, if you’re able to provide any help to this end, I would greatly appreciate it; thank you so much in advance and I hope that all is well!


A: Congratulations on your new child.

St. Patrick indeed would follow St. Martin because of chronology.

For the same reason, the non-martyr St. Helena precedes Sts. Catherine and Teresa.