Order of Christian Initiation

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Q:  We are involved  in some discussions on the Revised Order of Christian Initiation and  at this moment are wondering what changes there are in the Initiation of Children and in the National Statutes. We are trying to get a bit ahead of the curve and begin to study the materials in order to create training for our leadership. 

You  are a person who might be aware of and involved in the revision in some way.  Is there a timeline for the availability of the text for study and feedback before the actual publication of the Roman document? 

I was involved in the FDLC conference in Chicago many years ago as you were too, and in the  “survey” that took place quite a while ago, but we’ve not gotten any feedback from that either. 

Any help from you would be appreciated. 

Thanks and God bless.


A:  Bottom line: We’re not expecting big changes. The National Statutes are expected to shrink considerably, but that’s only because the current ones repeat a lot of legislation that is already in the RCIA. The basic structures and rules are supposed to stay the same.

The bishops have another vote on it this month. Then the Vatican approval will take some time. Optimistically, we could have a new OCIA in 2023.