Order of Confirmation for teenagers

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Q: In the Introduction to the Order of Confirmation, n. 11/1 says that an adult who has been baptized into the Catholic Church but has not yet received First Communion should receive both Confirmation and First Communion at the same Mass.  Does that apply to teenagers too, who have passed the age of discretion?

Thank you.


A: That paragraph refers to several different scenarios:

* Unbaptized adult and child catechumens, who should receive all three initiation sacraments together.

* Those in that category who were not confirmed—perhaps because someone other than a priest conducted the baptism—and who should then receive confirmation at another common celebration.

* Adults baptized in infancy who need both confirmation and Eucharist, and who may receive them at a common celebration.

Any of these categories may include teenagers. If the teens were baptized Catholics as infants and have not yet received confirmation and holy communion, then they may receive both those sacraments at the same Mass.