Ordination of a new Bishop

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: We are having the ordination of a new bishop soon. I was told we can insert additional names into Litany of Saints – his name is Patrick. He’s a religious and their founder is only “ranked” as Blessed – can his name be included in the litany?


A: The answer is, “I don’t know.” When I check the Ordo Cantus Missae, which has a comprehensive litany, they are all saints, but they include several Old Testament patriarchs and prophets. The Ordination of a bishop says that the list may be expanded with the names of “a Patron Saint, the Titular of the church, the Founder of the church, the Patron Saint of the one who will be ordained, or other invocations more suitable to the particular circumstances.” So I’m thinking no because the list is not “favorite saints” but very specific ones. 

Does anyone following my blog have a better answer?