Origin of readings and prayers

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Q: Hope you’re having a great day thus far!

Reaching out since, like previously mentioned, I used your book, Inseparable Love, to thoroughly plan my wedding Mass just 3-weeks ago!

After getting back from my honeymoon, however, I was wondering, would you be able to recommend any resources which can explain the origins of readings and prayers included in the Ordinary Form Baptismal and Funeral liturgies as well? Of course, no worries if not, just thought to ask since your book had been such a tremendous resource for me.

Regardless, thank you so much in advance, and I hope all is well!

In Christ,


A: Congratulations! I hope you and your wife are still deliriously happy after the honeymoon.

To my knowledge, no one has done the kind of research on baptisms and funerals that I did for weddings. I’ve done similar work for the dedication of a church and an altar in my book New Church, New Altar, and I have a book coming out next year that will give similar treatment to the ordination rites. 

The others are not on my list at this time, but we’ll see what the future brings.

Blessings on you.