Pall over the chalice

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Q: Yesterday, I was deacon at mass. I placed the pall over the chalice prior to the celebrant washing his hands. I removed it before he said the epiclesis and placed it back on top of the chalice after he elevated it. He gave me a signal not to place it on top, but just to put it aside. Am I doing something wrong? Do we have to have the pall for the Mass?


A: What you did was fine. What the celebrant is requesting is fine.

The GIRM says that the pall is one of the items that belongs on the credence table before mass, but then it never says how to use it.

The Ceremonial of Bishops gives more instructions, but #155 says, for example, “If the cup and ciborium are covered, a deacon uncovers them before the epiclesis.” So the use of the pall and ciborium lid is not required.