Palm Sunday Gospel

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Q: Firstly thank you for your generosity of time and knowledge in responding to so many questions.  It is greatly appreciated by many parishes.

On Palm Sunday our parish proclaims the Gospel in parts.  My question is – as the Narrator, who is usually a lay member of the community, ends the Gospel reading, should s/he say: “The Gospel of the Lord”? Or should this be said by the Celebrant who usually reads the part of Jesus?  Or is it omitted for this particular Sunday?

I look forward to your response.


A: The rubric is not clear. In my view, it makes most sense for the narrator to say this, not the priest. But you’ll find people who disagree with me.  At the Vatican, it’s fairly common to hear a cantor who is not even the reader sing the conclusion of the reading so the congregation can sing the response. Who makes the announcement isn’t as important as the response of the people.