Paschal candle designs

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Q: Once again thank you for your wonderful ministry which is so helpful for so many of us. We are in the process of ordering our paschal candle. We get a local candle factory to make a candle of 4 inch diameter. An artist in the parish decorates it. We’ve had fire and water, peacocks, pelicans, all kinds of designs over a period of about 8 years. Can you suggest a suitable motif or design for this year’s candle? The candle will be 3 feet 6 inches tall so the usual cross, numerals, incense grains will be above the design. We are thinking hard. Maybe you could inspire us? Pax.


A: Thanks for your comments on my work.

What a beautiful parish project. There are plenty of themes offered by the readings and prayers of the Easter Vigil – or those of the rites of baptism and funerals. I do a little writing and editing for the Marklin Candle Company, whose paschal candles are all beautiful and inspiring. You might get some ideas reviewing their fine work: