Paschal candle in a chapel

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: I see you have had some responses to paschal candle questions recently. I have a twist on one. Someone here in the chancery asked why we do not have a paschal candle in the chapel. It is a daily Mass chapel and, to my knowledge, no other sacraments nor funerals are celebrated there. I cannot find anything concerning paschal candles in chapels or oratories. Do you know of one?  My take is that there is nothing to prohibit a paschal candle in a chapel. The candle would be prepared in advance per the guide from the USCCB concerning mission churches. Do you have anything you would add?


A: I’m with you on this. Nothing forbids the use of a paschal candle in a chapel. In fact, the liturgy would encourage having one to light each day throughout Easter Time.

I agree that it could be prepared as the USCCB suggests for mission churches. Liturgical law just doesn’t cover every instance, so sometimes we deduce the best solution.