Pascal candle in a chapel

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Q: I see you have had some responses to paschal candle questions recently. I have a twist on one. Someone here in the chancery asked why we do not have a paschal candle in the chapel. It is a daily Mass chapel and, to my knowledge, no other sacraments nor funerals are celebrated there. I cannot find anything concerning paschal candles in chapels or oratories. Do you know of one?  My take is that there is nothing to prohibit a paschal candle in a chapel. The candle would be prepared in advance per the guide from the USCCB concerning mission churches. Do you have anything you would add?


I’m with you on this. Nothing forbids the use of a paschal candle in a chapel. In fact, the liturgy would encourage having one to light each day throughout Easter Time.

I agree that it could be prepared as the USCCB suggests for mission churches. Liturgical law just doesn’t cover every instance, so sometimes we deduce the best solution.