Paschal candle

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Q: Hello Fr. Paul, thank you for your patient and wise responses to the variety of liturgical questions posed to you.

The Ordo mentions carrying the Paschal candle out after the Pentecost Mass as a sign that the Easter season is over. This seems like a negative view of a symbol which may have a positive connotation. Is it reasonable to think that with those tongues as of fire having settled on the heads of the assembly on Pentecost that the light of Christ has now settled on us as we follow that light in the recessional out into the world ?   What is the symbolism of this liturgical event?


A: The pastoral note is just that—a pastoral note. It’s not in the official liturgy of Pentecost.

Here’s a previous post about something that is in the missal: extinguishing the candle: .

It simply signifies that Easter Time is over.