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Q: Father Paul, I’m writing to you because I was in a workshop on my way to becoming a extraordinary Eucharistic minister and the lady who was conducting the workshop had mentioned your name and some of your writings. I’m a member of a parish. I also have plans to become a permanent Deacon in the church. Your books were highly recommended and I would like to get them but I am on a limited budget. Are they available for download? Thank you. Peace and God bless Scott


A:  Thanks for your interest in my books. You can find them all listed on my web site with hot links to the publishers here:

Some of these are available as ebooks, and the price is lower. The only ones you can download from my site are out of print and have more interest among scholars: my dissertation, The Meaning and Practice of Confirmation, and a book squeezed from it, Sources of Confirmation.
I give people free access to almost every one of hundreds of articles I’ve written:

You can get a loan on any of my books through your local library.

Thanks for asking, and thanks for offering your ministry to the church.