Pentecost sequence

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Q:  With Pentecost coming up in a few weeks, I am aware according to the rubrics that the sequence is required for Pentecost Day but not the vigil.  It occurs between the second reading and the Alleluia.  This has been our practice.  Is this correct?  
I recently came across and article that suggested it be sung following the Alleluia to accompany the Gospel procession.  I suspect that this may be the practice in the extraordinary form.
Looking forward to your reply.
A:  I treated this in my book Let Us Pray. The postconciliar but pre-2000 GIRM did not say when to sing the sequence (40). When the revised GIRM was published in 2000, it said to sing the sequence after the Alleluia (64), which agrees with the postconciliar Ordo Cantus Missae in the Graduale Romanum (8). However, the same paragraph of the 2002 GIRM (64) changed the order to what had become the common practice, sequence before Alleluia. That is what now appears in the missal.