Placing the Advent wreath

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  Our church space is rather “small”. Placement of an Advent wreath is challenging. Our Narthex is almost non-existent, not enough space near our ambo, and our low ceiling does not lend itself to hanging a wreath. It is my understanding that in front of the altar is not appropriate. I’ve considered moving the presider chair (presently it is opposite the ambo with the altar in the middle) to behind the altar. If I did that, I could put the Advent wreath where the presider chair was and even put our Christmas Manger in that space during the Christmas Season. After the Christmas Season I’d be inclined to move the presider chair back to its original location. Does this arrangement sound reasonable to you?

A:  Yes, your solution sounds reasonable. The liturgical documents want the altar stationary and the ambo stationary, but they do not talk about the presider’s chair in the same way. For a time, I think you can make this adjustment.