Posture for the procession of the gifts

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Q: I have a parochial vicar from Nigeria that has the people stand when the bread and wine are brought forward.  In my 19 years of celebrating mass, I have never seen this happen before.  I have the people sit, and he has them stand, so half now stand and half sit.  What is the proper posture when the gifts are brought forward?


A: GIRM 43 says that the  people stand for the Profession of Faith and the Universal Prayer. It says they sit “during the Preparation of the Gifts at the Offertory.” And they stand at the invitation “Pray, brothers and sisters.” 

So, I’d say the proper posture for the procession of the gifts is to be seated.

That said, the procession of the gifts is quite elaborate in some countries, even including dancing. It has a life of its own. It may be that Nigeria—or parts of Nigeria—have the custom. But we don’t see it much in the US.The same paragraph of the GIRM pleads for uniformity in gestures and bodily postures. GIRM 96 asks that all the participants at Mass form one body. “

This unity is beautifully apparent from the gestures and bodily postures observed together by the faithful.”