Prayers after the Tantum Ergo

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Q: Thank you for your continued wisdom and knowledge. I have a question regarding the prayers after the Tantum Ergo. We do a simple adoration in union with our Vespers on Sunday Night, as there is not always clergy present. We want to respect the fact that clergy is not present, but we would like to keep as much as we possibly can, is it permissible for a lay person to lead the people in the prayers “You have given them bread from heaven and the following prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, you gave the Eucharist as the memorial of your suffering and death. May our worship of this sacrament of your body and blood help us to experience the salvation you won for us…..”

In my research it often says “celebrant” or “minister”.


A: The order of eucharistic exposition and benediction is found in Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass. The rubrics limit only a few actions to the priest or deacon: He approaches the altar during the singing of the eucharistic hymn, which need not be Tantum Ergo, and he gives the blessing with the monstrance. He wears a humeral veil.

Any deputed communion minister may lead the rest, including the prayer after the eucharistic hymn. The one you cite is only one of many options. The rubrics are completely silent about the traditional dialogue about bread from heaven. My assumption is that it no longer takes place. If it is added a part of the ceremony, it is therefore not restricted to a priest or deacon.