Preface II of Advent

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Q: The rubric with Preface II of Advent  reads:

“The following Preface is said in Masses of Advent from December 17 to December 24 and in other Masses that are celebrated in Advent that have no proper  Preface.”

This year the Third Sunday of Advent is on the 17th.    So, Preface I of Advent would be used  at the Anticipated Vigil  of the Third Sunday on December 16  and Preface II of Advent  used at the Third Sunday Masses on the 17th?


A: I believe that the second preface may be used the entire weekend. I say that because there is no separate vigil Mass for the Third Sunday of Advent (as, say, for Pentecost), and because in the Liturgy of the Hours, certain elements of December 17 take over those usually assigned to the Third Sunday when the two coincide. The same surely applies to the preface at Mass.