Procession of the gifts

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Q:  On page 65 of your book Ars Celeberandi, why do you say/believe it’s okay to have water in the procession of the gifts but not purificators/corporals/chalices, etc? Especially if less is more, and we shouldn’t add/subtract.

What is the logical use there in presenting water for inclusion but not other items that likewise remain unmentioned? What consistent value being uplifted here?


A:  Thanks for reading my book so carefully. You might enjoy a careful read of another of my books, Let Us Pray, which gives a fuller explanation of the procession of the gifts in paragraph 425. The reason I say that water may be included in the procession of the gifts is that GIRM 72a permits bringing wine with water at the preparation of the gifts, though this probably means to cover the circumstance when the water was added to the wine at the credence table. More importantly, GIRM 118c says that the cruets are set at the credence table before Mass unless they are presented by the faithful in the procession at the Offertory. The two cruets hold water and wine.

As I comment there, bringing water in the procession is not ideal, but the GIRM permits it.