Procession to present the gifts

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Q: The Pastor of my parish will not allow the faithful to walk in procession and present the gifts.  This is the only tradition which has not been reinstated once the covid restrictions were lifted by our Bishop. When questioned about this at our Liturgy Meeting, Father explained that he is not comfortable with the people handling the vessels and ciboria because of covid concerns. He also said that it “saves” time by not having the procession. In addition to GIRM paragraph 73 and Sacramentum Caritatis paragraph 47 what else can I offer to help him understand the importance and full significance of this part of the Mass? He doesn’t get it. Thanks.   


A: As I point out in my book Let Us Pray, both the Order of Mass 22 and GIRM 140 say that it is desirable for the faithful to do this.

It’s also in the USCCB’s Introduction to the Order of Mass 105: “The congregation’s identification with the gifts is best expressed if the procession passes right through their midst.” 

The full, conscious, active participation of the people applies to the sacrifice, not just the communion. They are to offer their very selves. See GIRM 95.