Processional cross

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Our church has a large crucifix attached to the wall behind the altar.   During the procession, a cross is carried down and placed in the baptistry off to to the side (therefore not very visible to the assembly.) Our sacristy is not located near the sanctuary.   It has been proposed that the processional cross be replaced with a crucifix.  Further, it is now being proposed that this processional crucifix be placed near the altar, visible to the assembly.   There would then be 2 crucifixes in the worship space visible to the entire assembly.  Can you comment on the appropriateness of this in terms of multiplicity of symbols in the worship space during Mass? Thank you for all that you do.

GIRM 318 says that “in sacred buildings images of the Lord, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and of the Saints, in accordance with most ancient tradition of the Church, should be displayed for veneration by the faithful and should be so arranged so as to lead the faithful toward the mysteries of faith celebrated there. Care should, therefore, be taken that their number not be increased indiscriminately, and moreover that they be arranged in proper order so as not to draw the attention of the faithful to themselves and away from the celebration itself. There should usually be only one image of any given Saint.”

I think that you could make a case for keeping the processional cross visible, but you should decide which cross is the cross for the mass. Only one cross should be incensed when the altar is incensed, and the connection between that cross and the altar should be plain.