Purifying altar cloths

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: At both of my parishes, we have been purifying the Altar cloths as we should (i.e. soak them in water for minimally 20 minutes, wring out the cloths, pour the used water on the ground in a spot with no foot traffic, and wash the cloths like normal in a sink or washing machine). 

At one church, no one is around there between Monday – Thursday. We are wanting to soak the cloths immediately after Mass ends on Sunday, but no one would be around to pick them up/handle them appropriately for Monday – Thursday. Is there any option for us to soak the Altar cloths while preventing mold build up? The only option we could think of on the spot was adding some vinegar to the bowl of soaking Altar cloths, but is that appropriate or not given the possible Sacred Species in the bowl of soaking Altar cloths?

A: Believe it or not, I know of no required procedures for purifying altar cloths. What you describe as your typical process is responsible and respectful. Others probably do less.

Consequently, I know of no prohibition to using vinegar. The point of soaking is to dilute the consecrated wine, and the same desired effect would result with the addition of vinegar.You’re demonstrating good care of these linens. In my opinion, you may proceed as you have planned.