Purifying sacred vessels

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Q:  Just another question on purifying sacred vessels. When I was in diaconate formation, we were told that when we purify the vessels that we also say the prayer during purification. While at a convocation, a priest mentioned that only the priest says the prayer. In the Roman Missal, it states that a Priest, Deacon or an acolyte can purify. But it also states “while he carries out the purification, the priest says quietly……  If a deacon is purifying vessels, should the deacon say the prayer quietly or is that reserved for the priest only?
A:  You are citing the documentation correctly. From this, I deduce that the deacon or instituted acolyte who purifies the vessels is not obliged to say the private prayer.  However, there’s no problem if he chooses to do so. In my humble opinion, I think that that prayer is one of the loveliest in the entire Roman Missal.