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Q: Should certain prayers from the missal replace those in the RCIA?

In particular…conclusion of Litany before baptism; blessing of water; baptismal promises?

Should the prayer for confirmation in the RCIA be replaced with the prayer from the Rite of Confirmation?

Can you use all of the prayer directly from the RCIA or replace the prayers that have been re-translated in other liturgical books?

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A: The way I understand it, you may continue to use the liturgical books that are in force until they are replaced. But you may replace the parts that have been revised.

With regard to the RCIA, we will be getting a new English translation in a few years, but the 1988 translation is still in force and may be used in its entirety. However, if you wish to swap out the revised confirmation prayer and other sections, you may.

Some US publishers have released the Order of Christian Funerals with the known updates in place, and that has become a useful book. I don’t anticipate the same with the RCIA because we’re close enough to a revised translation. A completely revised funeral liturgy is a long way off.