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Q: Greetings from Down Under!

I am sure that you cringed as I did when one of your enquirers used the term ‘RCIA class’ which is even worse than the commonly-used ‘RCIA program’.

It conveys a totally wrong attitude about the whole process of people’s journey to membership of the Catholic Church. It suggests that it is just a matter of learning a whole lot of info about the Church and then graduating – sometimes never to be seen again like students who have graduated from high school! It is also indicative of a mindset that, like a school class, everyone arrives at the same starting point, has the same needs and will ‘learn’ the same way. 

There was an excellent article along these lines on Pray Tell a while ago which you probably saw: https://www.praytellblog.com/index.php/2019/06/25/baptism-a-credential-or-a-continuation-of-the-christian-journey/.  


A: Thanks for sharing this. Yes, I agree. RCIA 75 describes four ways of catechizing. The first is about learning what the Church teaches, but with a desire to let it lodge in the heart.