Reading of the names

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Q: Thank you for your availability to us. Normally, parishes read the names of  the confirmandi aloud as part of their presentation of students to the Bishop. Given the uniqueness of our current situation and the fact that our Bishop has given the indult to pastors to confirm, is this reading of the names still required? My thanks!


A: Here’s what the Rite of Confirmation says in #21, which envisions a bishop presiding: “The candidates for Confirmation are presented by the Pastor or another Priest, or by a Deacon, or even by a catechist, in accordance with the custom of each region, in this way: if possible, each of those to be confirmed is called by name and individually approaches the sanctuary.” 

So, reading the names is not required, especially if everyone knows the candidates. But it’s a nice thing to do. When the pastor presides, a deacon or catechist could call the names of the individuals. But it is not required, as you can see.