Receiving communion

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Q: I so appreciate being able to receive a GF host where I attend mass.  Prior to the pandemic I only received the blood.  Now that we are only receiving the host I have a question  My question is what is the best way to receive it when it is wrapped in plastic.  Out of respect to the communion line and concern that if I unwrap it it could fall on the floor I have taken it to my pew and received it.   

At another church where I go for morning mass it will have a slit in the wrapping and it makes it easy to receive.

Thanks for your help.


A: God bless you for finding ways to continue to receive communion in the midst of a global pandemic and the concerns for your personal health.

There’s no clear rule addressing your question, so I’m giving you personal advice: I think it is best for you to unwrap your host prior to mass, place it in its own pyx, and ask the priest to consecrate it alongside the other vessels on the altar. A pyx is a more respectful receptacle than plastics for the body of Christ. At communion time, you receive the entire pyx from a minister. The minister who gives you the pyx should sanitize hands before and after giving it to you. You should open the pyx and consume the host right there in front of the minister before returning to your pew. This avoids concerns about someone walking off with a host. Even if you would never do such a thing, someone else might think that you are modeling appropriate behavior for any communicant.