Reception into Full Communion

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Q: We have been trying to shift the catechumenate in our parish from a 6-month class to a continuous accompaniment of catechumens on individual journeys of faith, electing and then baptizing them at an Easter Vigil when they have had a suitable catechesis as described in article 75 of the RCIA.

In contrast, we have begun to receive into Full Communion those who are already baptized throughout the year and as soon as they are ready.  We expect there will be some unavoidable situations (especially complex family situations) that might require the celebration of the combined rites at the Easter Vigil, but we are earnestly trying put the focus of the Easter Vigil on the making of new Christians.   When we get to this time in the year, however, the baptized who are ripe for making a Profession of Faith and being Received are putting pressure on these efforts as an early Lent is immanent, and the likely default to dumping the Reception of all of these people into the Easter Vigil.

Is it appropriate to continue to celebrate the Reception into Full Communion (and Confirmation) of these individuals on the Sundays of Lent (perhaps at Masses other than that at which the Rite of Sending and the Scrutinies might be celebrated)?

Any help you can offer in sorting this out will be greatly appreciated.


A: Yes, you may receive someone into the full communion of the Catholic Church on Sundays of Lent—or on almost any other day of the year. Granted, it is not ideal when so many other themes are swirling around Lent, but I say if a baptized person is ready for communion, give them communion. Why wait?