Rededication of the altar

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Q: We continue to learn from and appreciate your blog and insights! Thank you!  

Our question of the day has to do with a parish church that is being renovated.  After a process of several months of renovation, especially the sanctuary area,  the pastor is planning a liturgical celebration including a “rededication of the altar”. The altar has not been reconstructed, remodeled or moved significantly. We could not find information or prayers for a rededication.  Is there such a thing?  What would be the appropriate kind of prayer and ritual to celebrate the completion of the remodeling and reopening the church to the community?  

Thank you. 

Blessings as you continue all your ministries! 


A: No, there’s no such thing with good reason. The altar is dedicated once and for all.

Take a look at the Book of Blessings, Part III, which includes blessings of a number of items for a church. If any of those apply, it would be appropriate to use them. 

Otherwise, I would include in the Universal Prayer some petition of thanks for those who provided the altar and that it may continue to bear fruit for the community in worship that inspires service.