Revised Liturgy of the Hours

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: Is praying the Divine Office (prior to Vatican II) still considered a prayer in communion with all others praying for the Church, or is it considered a private devotion only because it is not the current version of the Liturgy of the Hours?  I find praying the older Divine Office easier and less confusing and the prayers and psalms seem much better. Thank you Father.


A: I’m sure that the prayers you offer for the Church through the Divine Office are joined in communion with others and have value, but they will not completely resonate with the Church’s liturgy for many reasons ranging from the structure of the office to the dates on the liturgical calendar.

If you find it less confusing, then there’s certainly value to your prayer. But the revised Liturgy of the Hours offers the best way to join the complete liturgy of the Church.