Revised marriage rite

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Q:  The revised marriage rite is due out soon (and is to be use starting in Dec, I believe). I have a version from the UK or Australia. Do you know if that is what will be used in the USA?

A:  Most of what appears in the revised Order of Celebrating Matrimony will be the same in all English-speaking countries. However, there are some differences in spelling, content and layout. For example, the discussion on vestments in paragraph 34 includes the word “color” in the US, but “colour” in England and Wales and in Australia. The civil law in England and Wales requires the couple to use their first and last names, and the US book does not require that. England and Wales got permission to put all the collects at paragraph 54 where the priest will need them during a wedding mass, but the collects all appear in a later chapter in the US edition. But basically, it’s the same book.  My book treats this in more detail: