Rite of Acceptance

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Q:  In the United States, in the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens, i.e. RCIA 51, do we ever replace the first acceptance of the Gospel with the rite of exorcism and renunciation of false worship?
A:  The US bishops have left this to the discretion of the diocesan bishop (RCIA 33.2). Both the exorcism and renunciation of false worship were part of the preconciliar rite. But they implied that every unbaptized person was engaged in false worship, which is not true.

The Latin original of the RCIA presumes that a conference of bishops would decide as a whole whether or not to retain the exorcism and renunciation. In the US, the conference decided to let each bishop decide. I’m not sure that they can do that, but they did, and the Vatican said OK. So, if you have a particular need to make the replacement of rituals, contact your bishop.