Rite of Election

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Q:  In our diocese, the number of catechumens who participate in the ROE is significantly smaller than the number of adults & children of catechetical age who are baptized at Easter.   We hold one ROE for the whole diocese. Our diocesan Faith Formation office strongly encourages attendance, but I’ve been told by a canon lawyer that we can not present the ROE as mandatory.   What happens if a catechumen does not attend the ROE, and thus is not formally admitted to Election? Many in this situation go on to be baptized at the Easter Vigil. I suspect we’re not alone in this.  Thank you for your insight.


A:  I guess you could argue that the Rite of Election is optional, but tolerating its omission does not seem like a good long-range policy. The RCIA permits the bishop to assign a delegate to celebrate this rite. It need not take place in the cathedral. A better strategy would be for the bishop to give broader delegation for the celebration of the rite in parishes.

See my article: https://paulturner.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Rite-of-Election-2-Questions.pdf