Ritual Mass

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Q: A man in my religious community has elected to celebrate his final vows Mass on the Feast of Ss. Simon and Jude.  I think a ritual Mass may be celebrated on that day (using the propers for profession), but that we could use the  readings of the day.  We’d use the Gloria and wear white.  Is this correct?


A: GIRM 372 and the missal do not prohibit Ritual Masses for days ranked as feasts, which would include Simon and Jude. So you celebrate the Ritual Mass.

This Ritual Mass does not explicitly call for the Gloria, but it may be added “at particular celebrations of a more solemn character” (GIRM 53).

The readings more properly come from the Ritual Mass, not from Simon and Jude. The vestment color again is of the Ritual Mass, not of the feast, which it replaces.