Sacramental blessings

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Q: The Covid pandemic has resulted in restrictions on Masses and other celebrations. Masses online have been ongoing. My question is, what does Rome say about online sacramental blessings?  There seems to be a trend among certain clergymen in  placing the candles before the tele screen for blessing. Is this allowed, or even valid in view of such abnormal times. Please advise.

Take care and keep well. And grateful thanks for all your work and guidance.


A: I don’t know of anything permitting candle blessings electronically. It’s true that the pope traditionally blesses the church and the world electronically every Christmas and Easter. But not objects.

I can give you my own recommendation, but not everyone would agree with this. In a pandemic, I think people who want blessed candles could include them in their prayers at home. Families commonly bless the meal before they eat it. They could surely ask God to bless the candles that they will use for prayer.