Sacramental oils

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Q: When filling oil stocks or vessels engraved with the various abbreviations (OS, SC, OI) or when preparing holy oils for administration of the various sacraments: there has arisen some misunderstanding among those responsible for such matters as to exactly which monogram is attached to which holy oil.

I have been observing the following in my careful preparation of matter for the sacraments:

Oil of Catechumens (OS) – “Oleum Catechumenorum” or “Oleum Sanctorum”

Oil of the Infirm (OI) – “Oleum Infirmorum”

Sacred Chrism (SC) – “Sacrum Chrisma”

Would you please be so kind as to provide appropriate guidance or confirmation. Thank you for your time.


A: You are correct, Michael. Those are the correct abbreviations for the three oils.

Your question gives me an opportunity to announce that next year Liturgical Press will publish my new book on the three oils. I cover this question and a whole lot more. It’s not on their web site yet, but eventually you will find it here: