Saint Veronica

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: Do you have any knowledge of celebrating Saint Veronica on July 12th (along the lines of what’s permitted by GIRM 355c)?  On the one hand, although that’s the feast day usually ascribed to her, she is not (as far as I know) included in the Martyrology – no doubt because of the reasonable question of her historicity.  On the other hand, I know there are parishes and other institutions named for her.  Any insights into whether she could be celebrated on this day?  (I don’t mean in a parish named for her – just by ordinary folk who are devotees.)


A: Veronica is listed on July 12 in Butler’s Lives of the Saints, but she has not been listed in the Roman Martyrology—neither before nor after the Council. She is fictional. 

It’s probably not a good idea to encourage veneration of her on a particular day. Those individuals and institutions who bear her name would suitably claim another saint as their patron and celebrate the appropriate day accordingly.