Scripture readings for funerals

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Q: I’m writing an article about funerals, and I’d like to cite the scripture readings for a Catholic funeral Mass. I have The Rites, which gives numbers for the biblical texts. I noticed on the bishops’ site that the selections (which I think are now taken from the new Lectionary) do not have numbers. Am I correct that the numbers in the old lectionary and the rite book are now obsolete?


A: With regard to The Rites book, there are two editions of it. If you have the 1976 edition, then the section dealing with funerals is indeed out of date. If you have the 1990 edition, then you’re fine. It’s missing the cremation appendix and some of the upgrades that came to the book a year ago or so, but nothing dramatic.

Here’s a chart of funeral readings in the lectionary: