Scrutinies explained

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Q:  I’m writing to ask you a favor on behalf of a student of mine in the seminary.  He’s trying to write a paper for his Sacraments of Initiation class on exorcisms and the scrutinies and asked me where he might find them explained in a more detail.
Would you have any suggested resources that this student might check out?  Perhaps something of your own writing?  Any thoughts you may have, Paul, would be greatly appreciated.
A:  I’ve treated scrutinies in my book Celebrating Initiation: A Guide for Priests. I have a historical overview of all the rites in The Hallelujah Highway. And a very brief treatment of them in The Catechumenate Answer Book.   All these books are available on this site.
On my web site is this article that I wrote for Liturgical Ministry back in 1999.
Hope he has good success!


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