Servant of God

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Q: We have a local “Servant of God” who has connections to our parish.  We would like to have a Mass for the intention of their canonization on the anniversary of their death. 

There are no memorials or feasts on the Liturgical Calendar for this day.  Do you have any suggestions on which Mass propers or scripture readings to select?  A Mass for the dead doesn’t seem quite right, nor do any of the  Masses for Various Needs.  We could simply use the Mass for the weekday, with the focus of this Servant of God coming through in the homily and Universal Prayer.

What are your thoughts?  Many thanks!


A: I would suggest one of the following:

For Holy Church, 1. For the Church. Because the decision will be made by discernment within the church.

For Holy Church, 5. For a Council or a Synod. Same reason.

For Civil Needs, 30. For the Preservation of Peace and Justice. If the servant of God was involved in such efforts.

For Various Intentions, 45. For the Sick. Because you may be praying for a miracle to advance the canonization process.