Sprinkling at the Vigil

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Q: When you have only a full profession and no baptisms at.the Vigil do you do the sprinkling of the congregation in between the Reception into Full Communion and the Confirmation or after the Confirmation of the  candidate? Thanks always for all your help.


A: Neither the missal nor the RCIA deals with this. It’s probably because the missal and RCIA part II section 5 presume that the Rite of Reception is taking place at a typical Sunday mass during the year apart from the Easter Vigil. I still think that that is the best solution for baptized candidates. (If they are ready, why are they waiting for Easter?)

But you can make a judgment based on RCIA Appendix I section 4. After the renewal of baptismal promises in 580-582 comes the sprinkling in 583. Then the Rite of Reception and confirmation. See my book When Other Christians Become Catholic.