Standing for the eucharistic prayer

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  What do you think of the proposal for Catholics in the US to stand for the second half of the eucharistic prayer? A recent article says that Catholics do that everywhere else except in the US.


A:  The writer is partly correct on the rubrics. Catholics in many other countries around the world do indeed stand for the memorial acclamation. But the same group also remains standing after the Sanctus until the beginning of the institution narrative.

You’ve seen deacons kneel for a brief period during the eucharistic prayer? They’re following the rubrics that the original GIRM has in place for the entire assembly. The US bishops changed it for the people, but not the deacons.

I’d be in favor of going with the original rubrics, but I’m not in favor of doing it without a change in the law. Without that, it will only cause more division and confusion.