Stole at the cemetery

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Q: Does the priest wear a stole at the cemetery when dressed in black for the committal prayers. I’ve used it occasionally, but  I prefer to use the stole exclusively with the alb. So hardly ever I have used a stole at the cemetery. Although I know of a few priest who use it regularly. Since I don’t remember that ever mentioned at the Liturgical Practicum class in the seminary, wanted to hear your thoughts about it. 


A: With regard to the service at the place of committal, the Order of Christian Funerals says, “The minister should vest according to local custom” (215). It does not require alb with stole. I’ve done it in a variety of ways, but I think alb and stole is best. However, because of the flexibility of OCF 215, if the local custom is stole over suit, or even just a clergy suit, a priest could make an argument that he is following the rubrics.